About Steel Inferno

Steel Inferno is a heavy and speed metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Steel Inferno - Heavy Thrash Speed Metal - Band Picture

The band was formed in 2012 with an ambition to play fast and furious heavy/speed metal mixed with a sense of melody. The band's style should appeal to fans of early Slayer, Accept, Metal Church, Artillery and Agent Steel.

The band's debut album "Aesthetics of Decay" was released in 2016 and was critically acclaimed in the metal underground for it's raw energy.

In 2020 Steel Inferno released "...And the Earth Stood Still". The band's sophomore album presents a step up in production and songwriting qualities.

Steel Inferno have played shows with bands like Witch Cross, Night Viper, Burning Witches, Tyranex, Cauldron, Ranger, Altar of Oblivion, Encyrcle, Iron Fire, Metalian, Savage Machine,, Indian Nightmare and at festivals like Muskelrock in Sweden, Metal Meltdown in Germany and Heavy Agger, Dark Mental Festival and Metal Magic in Denmark.

In 2020 Steel Inferno embarked on a new journey with new singer Chris Rostoff.

The band has just finished recording their third full length album, in Angioni Studios, which will be released later this year (2022) through the danish record label
From the Vaults.

Steel Inferno has released a completely new track, Succubus, which you can find on the Compilation Album Heavy Metal Rock Vol. 1, also released through From the Vaults in march of 2022.

Steel Inferno Members

Lars Lyndorff Krelskov - Guitarist - Steel Inferno

Lars Lyndorff: Guitars (2012-present)

Christian Andersen - Vocalist - Steel Inferno

Chris Rostoff: Vocals (2020-present)

Kzryzstof Baran - Drummer - Steel Inferno

Kzryzstof Baran: Drums (2012-present)

Thierry Zubritovsky - Bassist - Steel Inferno

Thierry Zubritovsky: Bass (2012-present)

Jens Andersen - Guitarist - Steel Inferno

Jens Andersen: Guitars (2016-present)

Steel Inferno Biography

Steel Inferno was originally founded in 2012 by guitarist and main songwriter Lars Lyndorff when his and drummer Krzysztof Baran's old band Ukrudt had disbanded. Lars' musical passion for rock was ignited as a kid by Queen and Europe, fueled by Metallica and exploded with death metal and later hardcore/punk. Krzysztof spent his youth as a part of the post-communist punk underground scene in Poland. The duo found common ground in hardcore with a crusty edge - gradually turning into an urge to play no-nonsense speed/heavy metal combined with the energy, power and simplicity from punk and hardcore.

The first member to be recruited was bassist Thierry Zubritovsky who had been hanging around the studio for a long time. Thierry brings four decades of hard rock experience to the band - he stole his first records with Kiss, Van Halen and AC/DC in 1979 and moved from France to Denmark because of Pretty Maids.

When singer Karen Collatz replied to an ad on a music site the first incarnation of Steel Inferno was born. In a largely male oriented metal world - a female fronted heavy metal band added a pinch of new energy and gave the band a sound like no other band at the current scene. Patrick Mantzouridis was added as a second guitarist to the line-up and in early 2014 the first show was played and a cassette was released - followed up by a 7 inch later that year.

The debut album 'Aesthetics of Decay' was released on CD in 2016 through Infernö Records and on MC in 2016 and LP in 2017 through Deadbangers Productions. The album brought the band to festivals in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Shortly before the release of the debut album guitarist Patrick was replaced by Jens Andersen - a guitarist who like many others got interested in playing guitar after listening to Metallica and later found influences in bands like Judas Priest, Slayer, Death and Iron Maiden. On Steel Inferno's sophomore album '...And the Earth Stood Still' these influences can be heard on the massive and impressive guitar solo work.

Once again the band teamed up with local Copenhagen metal merchant Deadbangers Productions for the release of the album in 2020.

In early 2020 singer Karen was replaced by Chris Rostoff. Chris not only adds a youthful energy to the band and stage but also adds a vocally different touch with inspiration from Agent Steel, Liege Lord, Overkill and Baloff-era Exodus.

Steel Inferno now has a new album out - Evil Reign - released october 21st. 2022